AOL Desktop common issues- Resolved

Wanna chat with your bestie? Oops need to check your mail for the next assignment too?

You don’t have to choose one of your top priority jobs now; you can do all on the same web interface. And this incredible web interface is AOL Desktop Gold. You can chat with your friends, email your boss, listen to your favorite music, check Sensex, weather report, and breaking news, just via one click on the corresponding icon on your toolbar. This software moderates all the things you enjoy keeping up the efficiency and reliability

The efficient software engineers of AOL turned up the download and installation process smooth. Also they freed their users from driving crazy to update their software. The software now automatically updates itself whenever the new version is available. Updates to your AOL Desktop Gold now go on automatically in the background, allowing you to work uninterrupted. There are number of benefits of this upgraded version of AOL Desktop. To give an instance Customized email options, bookmark option to save your searches to favorites, premium security features, Import and Export of data to the other computer, customized toolbar options and much more.

Of course I am not a desperate user of AOL who is just boasting about AOL Desktop Gold. Yes, AOL Desktop users also face issues and I guess every software at some point or another show errors. So let’s discuss some of the issues associated with this software and its troubleshooting tips as well.

Your browser is getting crashed in AOL Desktop Gold: If your browser is loaded with the temporary files, this can be the reason your browser is facing crash.

  • - Click Edit from menu and choose ‘footprints to clear’
  • - Check the box adjacent to ‘Browser Cache’
  • - This will clear all the junk files and fix this trouble

Your AOL Desktop Gold is too slow: Try the below mentioned fixes

  • - Restart you system: restarting your system let your internal memory stay clear which can be helpful with the issue
  • - Delete all the junk from your system: Overloading of junk files and folders on your system also causes the system to behave slow and sluggish
  • - Disable start-up programs which are not important: Various programs start automatically when you turn on the system, if disabled this will drop-off the load on the computer and improves the speed for other programs.

Unable to install AOL Desktop Gold: This should not be the case as installation is simplified with this version of AOL but still if you are facing issue

  • - Check the system requirement: If your system does not match the requirements of the software; it is gonna show error because of compatibility issue.
  • - Restart your computer

Updating Desktop Gold: Why are you worrying about updating your AOL Desktop Gold? It is all automatic. All you need to do is close and open your Desktop Gold every couple of days so that if any updates are available they are installed once you reopen it. So basically whenever you will be reopening AOL Desktop Gold; you will be using a newer version of it.

Trouble signing-in: If you experience error while you log-in; enable java script on your browser. Disabled java can cause issue in signing-in as well as in other jobs as well.

Unable to send email via AOL mail: Try the below mentioned solutions to be able to send mails again.

  • - Restart your computer: Clear your System’s RAM by restarting your system.
  • - Use a different browser: If you are using an outdated browser you should try another latest browser. So Get a new browser or update the older one to its latest version.
  • - Clear your browser’s cache: Clear the junk files on your browser to reset it back to its clear state. This will clear out all the tiny undesirable bits of data that is stored on your browser. This will make it run efficiently overall.
  • - Disable pop-up blocking
  • - Disable firewall: It is always recommended to keep your firewall on to prevent you from getting prey to hackers sitting online looking to steal your financial or personal info. Temporarily turn it off to look out what could be the issue with your computer.

Unable to view images in received mails: This happens if you have not enabled HTML or Rich text in your mail settings. Enable these and you will be able to see the images you receive in emails.

AOL Desktop Gold freezed: Sometimes this software happens to freeze and don’t respond. This can be resolved by deleting the junk files from your computer and then restarting your computer again. This will fix the problem

Well for whatever issue you are facing with this software; one rough-cut resolution is uninstalling the software and reinstall it again. This is easy and works most of times. Be that as it may if you are facing any other issues with your AOL Desktop Gold you can directly speak to the support team by AOL. AOL Desktop Gold comes with 24*7 live support so you can connect to them anytime around the clock.

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