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AOL desktop gold download 11.2.6 or higher:- Read here all the prerequisites for how to download AOL desktop gold & Learn AOL Desktop gold installtion procedure.AOL Gold Uninstall guide is also included in this section.

Whether you are using Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS you can take the leverage of experiencing AOL desktop gold by following these AOL Desktop Gold download and setup guidelines:

Download AOL Desktop Gold on windows as well as mac devices.

The fast-technological development is influencing this generation like anything. Everyone wants to have access to the most advanced applications on their most advanced gadgets with the most advanced software’s installed on them. AOL Desktop gold is the software which can match the expectations of this multi-tasking generation. On this desktop application you can chat with your friends; can check your emails; stalk your ex; access latest news and check for the weather forecast for planning your upcoming tour basically you can surf every web page you want to.

System Requirement to Download AOL Gold Desktop

  • Device Speed:- Computer Processor of 266 MHz or above.
  • Connectivity:- Reliable Internet connection, RAM 1024 MB.
  • Device Memory:- Hard disk with at least 512MB free space.
  • Screen Resolution:- 1024×768 or higher
  • Aol Gold Download Agent:- Web browser (IE) latest version.
  • Personal Details:- Your AOL desktop gold credentials.
Download AOL Desktop Gold for Windows With Membership

Download AOL Desktop Gold on your computer and get ready to have a good time browsing, searching, emailing or instant messaging. AOL abides its users to access numerous things all at one place and thus enhancing their experience in terms of both learning and living it up. This web interface commits its users to provide a secure platform with its Premium security features. With these security features AOL Desktop Gold becomes your first choice in this category of software’s. AOL offers the enhanced security providing the two-step verification which assures two-fold protection to your account from threats. Also, AOL uses advanced encryptions of data letting you exchange any valuable information with no fuss regarding getting it stolen or hacked. If we talk about its compatibility with Operating Systems;

you can download this interface on windows as well as mac devices. But there are some configuration requirements to install it on your system i.e. it needs 1GB Ram and 512 MB free space. So, before you choose to download this interface, ensure that your computer holds in the required parameters. If it is not done correctly; compatibility errors would bring out at the time of download. Because of its user-friendly interface, you can customize your toolbar as per your day to day requirements and likings. You can also add a background image of your choice to your personal AOL web interface. Also, the notification sound and toolbar color can be altered as per your taste.

One very interesting feature of AOL Desktop Gold is that it updates itself automatically thus saving your time, energy and space on your system. You don’t have to take any troubles; once you decide to go for the next version of AOL; email, toolbar, username, password everything will automatically be worked up with the updated version. And yes, if you are a person who use dial-up connection to connect to web; AOL is your thing. AOL has a dial up facility which would help you to connect to web. Though in this high-speed internet age; we feel dial-up is of no use but you really cannot imagine that a good deal of people around the world are still using dial-ups for internet connectivity.

Now after letting you know so many peachy features of AOL Desktop Gold, I hope you still know that it is just software which can create trouble sometimes and is not a magical wand letting you do everything with hundred percent perfection and no break outs.

AOL Desktop Gold Software Download on Windows and mac you are new to AOL

So, here are some AOL Desktop Gold issues faced by its users:

  1. Error downloading this software: One gets AOL Error code 104 if he/she is not able to download AOL Desktop Gold. Get this error fixed following the below steps:
    • - Delete all temporary files and cookies from your system
    • - Go through the system requirements of the software again and ensure your system matches all the requirements.
    • - Get a good antivirus for your computer to check for any malwares in your system which might be hindering with the download process.
  2. Lost efficiency of your system: Sometimes the system behaves sluggish on downloading AOL Desktop Gold interface. This slow functioning of computer makes every job a tedious one to do. If this is the case with your computer and you are hacked off looking at the terrible speed your computer operates at; help yourself employing the below steps:
    • - Get rid of the junk files on your system and create some extra space on disk.
    • - Check for viruses or malwares on your system. If you don’t have an antivirus for the same, get one.
  3. Missed Email: You are never going to miss an email on AOL. It is just that it might sets ashore in Spam folder of your email or there is some internet connectivity issue at your side.
  4. Freeze Screen: Sometimes when AOL Desktop Gold doesn’t respond; the computer screen freezes frequently. In that case too just have a complete scan for malwares on your computer and delete temp. files, cookies or any junk files. This will improve the efficiency of your Computer and so it will respond faster than earlier.

If the solutions provided doesn’t work for you. You can uninstall the software and reinstall it again. Reboot your system once the software is re-installed.

Download Desktop Gold for Windows 10 for New User

If you are still finding issues with your AOL Desktop Gold you can contact the customer support team to get your job done. The Customer Support executives will be ready to help you 24*7 on chat, emails or phone calls.

Now knowing all the pros and cons of AOL Desktop Gold; I guess it is not difficult to decide that AOL Desktop is the most in effect web interface you can find in market. So, what are you waiting for? Download AOL Desktop Gold and get down to the mind-blowing sail of enjoying and exploring its distinguished features. Still confused??? Need more reasons to fall in love with AOL Desktop Gold?? Get a 30-day free trial which accompany 24*7 live support and experience the hands-on on its amazing user-friendly interface and distinguishing features. Also, if you are an AOL Advantage Plan member you can get your AOL Desktop Gold completely free of cost.

AOL Desktop Gold Download for Windows using Email Confirmation

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