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AOL Desktop Gold

The deftness that users achieve when they have AOL Desktop Gold installed on their computer is noteworthy of all time. This web interface has taken care of everything that a user would look for when he is on his computer. Web browsing, sending emails, listening music or having a wonderful time chatting with friends; AOL Desktop Gold helps your access all these on the go. And therefore, this product by AOL Inc. is dishing out millions of users around the world. So, come-on get a move on and download this amazing web interface on your computer to enjoy what is to be enjoyed for.

Wait …. before you rush towards the download link of AOL Desktop Gold; you need to know that this software demands for some system requirements that your computer should fulfill to experience the journey of exploring AOL.

Check for the System Requirements below:

  • - Operating system: windows7, Windows8, Windows 8.1, windows 10, Mac
  • - Processor: 266 MHz of minimum (or higher)
  • - Screen Resolution: 1024*768 of minimum (or higher)
  • - Memory: 1 GB RAM 512 MB free space at Hard Disk
  • - Internet Required

If your Computer matches the requirements you can proceed towards the drive of AOL Desktop Gold and if your system requirements doesn’t match please don’t go for “let’s check, it might work” because it is going to show compatibility errors and will impact your computer slowing down its performance to hell.

Also, if you are using Mac as an Operating System see to it that it is Mac OS version 9.0 or higher. Also, the latest safari must be installed on it.

Download AOL Desktop Gold for Windows With Membership

Here are some other features of AOL Desktop Gold

  1. Premium Security: The security of your system is enhanced with AOL Desktop Gold. The two-step verification process provides the double security for your account. Now with this two-fold security; no virus or malware can dare to access your computer. Also, the encryption settings it uses is highly advanced which lets you to exchange any kind of valuable information securely; No more hacking uncertainties.
  2. Automatic Updates: SAn exciting feature which lets you save for time and space of the computer memory is that it updates itself automatically replacing the older version when the newer version is available. You don’t have to keep checking up on the availability of new versions. It is all automatic. As the new installs are updated your email, usernames, passwords, toolbar will also be automatically transferred along with your bookmarks and contacts
  3. Personal Customization: You can customize your AOL Desktop Gold background as per your choice. Also, the toolbar and notification sound customization are at your ease. Now view your web interface the way it pleases you.
  4. User Friendly: This software provides a very user-friendly interface to let its users experience the flow of its terrific features.
  5. If the solutions provided doesn’t work for you. You can uninstall the software and reinstall it again. Reboot your system once the software is re-installed.

Download Desktop Gold for Windows 10 for New User

How to install AOL Desktop Gold on your PC?

If you are new to AOL you have to get AOL membership first. Create an AOL account and then install the AOL Desktop Gold.

Like any other software after downloading you have to start installation.

  • - Locate the file downloaded on your computer
  • - Right click on the downloaded file and choose ‘Run as administrator’
  • - The window will pop up asking if you want to do changes to your computer. You have to click yes
  • - Follow the prompts and let installation run
  • - Once the installation is complete create your account

So, here is how you installed the AOL Desktop Gold on your computer. Now enjoy the services that AOL is providing you via its brilliant creation we term as AOL Desktop Gold. But when we talk about technical things; say it software’s or gadgets or apps or even mechanical set ups ……these can be a can of worms at times. And we have to understand this as well by not expecting them to be dead perfect. Some of the commonly encountered issues that come up with AOL Desktop are AOL mail troubles, Password retrieval issues, AOL Gold stops responding, sign-in issues AOL Desktop Gold Download Error. These issues can be resolved easily witch some basic understanding of Computer.

AOL Gold Download Error: Is your screen displaying AOL Error code 104 ??? or Your system is impossibly slow or might be your computer screen is freezing frequently ……….Run a complete scan for your computer, clean your system if it is loaded with junk files, check for the system parameters ; if they aren’t not matching the system requirements then also there will be a downloading error. Also ensure the system drivers on your PC are relevant and updated. You can also try system restore if you have done any recent changes to your system.

Sign-in issues: facing sign-in issues means perhaps your AOL sign-in screen is missing or even after typing the username and password, the space looked blank. To start with clear all cookies and cache stored in your computer. Fix web settings, firewalls settings and make sure java is enabled on the browser.

AOL Mail troubles: Can’t receive or send mail or can’t compose or read mails?? Follow the steps to fix the issue

  • - Check for the spam folder to look for the missing email; if the mail is found there mark it non-spam to avoid confusion in future
  • - Check your internet connection
  • - Check the ‘outgoing mail server’

You might need to change IMAP or SMTP settings as well. For this you can connect to the technical support.

Forgotten AOL Password issues: Sometimes after changing password you face log-in issues, in that case ensure that you change password in the system settings also. And if you don’t have any account recovery options Type your current mail address, it will then ask for the last four digits of the credit card attached to AOL account to confirm your authenticity. Afterwards provide your phone or email address, where you want to receive the link to retrieve the password.

If you are facing some other issues associated with AOL Desktop Gold and its resolution is not provided here or you are not able to resolve the things on your own you can contact the customer care team unhesitatingly.

AOL Desktop Gold is the nascence of AOL Desktop. So, it is somehow self-explanatory that there must be some new features added to it and earlier ones essentially are improved too much extent. So, AOL Desktop Gold is all the way improved and way better than AOL Desktop. Are you getting curious to know more of its improved version? Give this blog a quick scan and know more about the new and improved features of this amazing software.

Ultra-modern features of AOL Desktop Gold:

  1. Premium Security The software offers superior security to your system. Its encryption setting is so strong that no one can decrypt it so no need to worry about important data being hacked. The anti-phishing benefits and the key logging feature to protect the characters you type on your keyboard from getting stolen are commendable. Also, you will be warned every time you attempt to open some untrusted webpage. Beyond my belief it also has a screenshot feature which takes the picture of the person who is attempting to reach your computer.
  2. Customize your toolbar/email: This feature of AOL Desktop Gold grants you the authority to customize your complete email settings in the manner you want your mail to be. You can change the font color, size and can create email signatures also. You can even customize your toolbar and arrange the icons according to your requirement. Besides you can have the background image on this interface of your own choice.
  3. Easy installation: This version comes with much simplified process of installation. To have AOL Desktop Gold on your system you either be an AOL Advantage member or avail a subscription plan or free trial and use the link received on your email
  4. Transfer your whole toolbar from previous version: When the version update is available; you can transfer username, password, email, toolbar settings and everything to the new version with no real efforts.
  5. Automatic Updates: AOL Desktop Gold itself gets updated to the latest version replacing the older version from your computer. This will save your time, effort as well as space on your system.
  6. Bookmark: Loved something on web and do not want to lose it? Add it to your favorites as a bookmark and access the page anytime without the hassle of searching for it again on web.
  7. Live Support: AOL Desktop Gold comes with 24*7 access to the technical experts for AOL. Along with this around the clock help they promise to protect your identity and other personal sensitive information online.
  8. Adjust Zoom settings: There are times when you surf web for hours to get the perfect content you are looking for and when you get it; you are finding it hard to read due to issues like small text, bad screen resolution or unfamiliar text font. This software provides you the authority to adjust the zoom settings and get through such issues.
  9. Keyboard Shortcuts: With the keyword shortcuts it becomes so easy and convenient to navigate through the software. For example
  10. Control + tab helps you cycles through the open windows

    Control + n open a new browser page

    Or F5 is to reload the web page

    likewise, many more

These keyboard shortcuts help you work efficiently enhancing your speed to work on Computer. Hence, we discovered some amazing features which AOL brought us and we can conceive that AOL Desktop Gold is much better than its forerunner. Knowing all these features I daresay you love AOL Desktop Gold straightaway.

If by now you have made up your mind to Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold you have to take care of certain things before putting this to action. This software works on your terms but gets installed on its own terms. I meant to say it has some system parameter requirements that are needed to be fulfilled before it starts to serve you. And if your computer doesn’t match these requirements, it is gonna show compatibility error at the time of installation. These requirements are like your system must be 266 MHz or faster, it should have an internet connection to download the software, the screen resolution of it must be 1024*768 or higher, also it need a memory of minimum 1 GB and 512 free hard disk space. And yes, how can we forget about Operating System your computer works on. This software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows10 and Mac OS only.

If your system fulfills all these requirements, it is entitled to relish the enormity of AOL Desktop Gold. So get your move and Download and install AOL Desktop Gold on your computer before long. Check with the 24*7 live customer support if you will find any troubles downloading or installing AOL Desktop Gold on your computer.

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