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Abrupt crashing of AOL Desktop Gold

Is your AOL Desktop Gold shutting down every time you are trying to open it? Stop banging on the icon and try to figure out the reasons for the same.

Below are some errors which your system might be facing due to which your AOL Gold keeps crashing. Look into the signs, if you have any similar issue; troubleshoot for it forthwith with the corresponding solution.

  • Corrupt AOL Desktop Gold: One probable reason why your AOL Gold is getting crashed is the corrupt files of the software. This possibly can happen due to the presence of malware or virus in your computer which is corrupting the software files or when you shut down the application all of a sudden.
  • Mismatched System Updates: Automatic update of windows can consume most of the internet data making your internet connection slow for other activities which consequently forbids AOL Gold to remain open. To resolve this problem, change the system settings. Go to the Control Panel and then look for Windows update. There turn automatic updating off.
  • For Mac device users, open Apple menu and navigate to ‘System Preferences’. Choose for ‘System updates’, then select ‘Updates’. Turn off the radio button there.

  • Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold: If this software of yours stops responding to your clicks, this might be a sign that your AOL Gold is outdated. However the software has a feature of installing automatic updates but if it is not working it is recommended to update the software manually.
  • Check to see if your Computer matches the system requirements of AOL Desktop Gold: Check the properties of computer by right clicking on my ‘computer’ and then verify them with the system requirements of AOL Desktop Gold.

Well the steps mentioned till now were just very basic ones. If your issue doesn’t get resolved via these steps you ought to try some advanced troubleshooting steps. Some of these are brought up here:

If AOL Desktop Gold all the same keeps crashing, check for other reasons in the list.

  • Poor Network Connectivity: If you have low or weak signal strength or there is any connectivity issue due to which internet access isn’t good on your computer, AOL Desktop Gold will break down. So troubleshoot the connectivity issue by running automatic network troubleshooter and check if this fixes the reason your AOL Gold was crashing. If not check manually, first for the hardware (Router/Modem), if it is good condition then check for the software. To fix software related issue, recreate the network or reset your internet.
  • Infected System or Windows: If the Windows files are corrupted by virus then too AOL Desktop Gold won’t open. Corrupt registry files can be another pertinent reason of this problem. So get good anti-virus software for your system and run a complete scan to ensure your system isn’t infected by virus or malware. To resolve this, run the automatic repair window to detect and fix the infected file.
  • Troubled Installation: If the installation of this software is erroneous, that’s one more reason for AOL Desktop Gold to collapse.
  • Unnecessary Programs running in background: The uncalled-for programs that start running in background as soon as the system starts occupy a significant space in RAM. This leaves no space for other software’s like AOL Desktop Gold to run and thus resulting in the crash of the software. To resolve this, go to the task manager (use ctrl+alt+del) and close all unwanted programs running in the background. Also, to confirm whether this is the problem causing trouble, check for the free RAM space in task manager. If there is free RAM available then there might is some other cause for your problem.

If still AOL Desktop Gold breaks down every time you try to open it and you aren’t able to figure out the cause for this problem reach out to the technical support team to help you on the same. They will assist you to find out the cause of the problem and also to execute needful steps to resolve it.

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