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AOL Desktop Gold Error 205

Does AOL Desktop Gold Error 205 is laying you off to access your emails, to browse the web and to message your friends? This error stops you to access any function of this software. Just after the moment to click OK on the error message, do you find the AOL Desktop Gold being crashed?

Signs of Error code 205 ?

Without hashing out on AOL Desktop Gold Error 205, check below to have a look over its signs:

  1. A user can see a dialog box with 205 error code.
  2. The Desktop Gold program of the user crashes every time user tries to open it.
  3. Operating system starts responding slow. Either it is Windows or Mac OS performance to OS will deteriorate.
  4. System will freeze for few seconds when you try to open AOL Desktop Gold.
  5. You can also add more than one signature, the procedure for adding the other signature is same
  6. Click on mail icon-> set mail signature-> add new signature
  7. Save the other signature as well.

If these symptoms are there with your software and PC then it is certain that you need to take measures to fix the issue soon.

What causes issue 205 to fall out in AOL Desktop Gold?

  1. Corrupt Windows Registry
  2. Corrupt files in the window registry can be a reason for the Error 205 to occur. The window registry can get corrupt for two major reasons:

    • - Presence of malware can corrupt the registry files.
    • - If you do not power off the device properly. The system files do not close down and get corrupt.
  3. Incomplete AOL Desktop Gold download/Install
  4. If this error is encountered right after downloading/installing AOL Desktop Gold, there is a fair chance that Error 205 in Desktop Gold fell out because of incomplete operation.

  5. System infected with virus
  6. Malwares or viruses in your PC can adversely affect the programs on your device. And so like other programs AOL Desktop Gold can also be their prey.

  7. Corrupt AOL Desktop Gold program
  8. How this program gets corrupted? Incomplete download, install or upgrade can be one reason of the software getting corrupted. Sometimes virus attacks also infect files to corrupt the whole program. Bad Internet can also be a mere reason for AOL Gold files to get corrupt.

  9. Inappropriate changes in Web Settings
  10. If you have lately brought in any changes in your system network settings, AOL Desktop gold error 205 might pop up.

  11. Mismatched Device Specs
  12. If your PC is incompatible with the AOL Desktop Gold i.e it is not matching all the system requirements that AOL Gold calls for, it will show error 205

  13. Corrupted RAM
  14. You won’t be able to download or install AOL Desktop Gold on your device if your RAM is infected.

  15. Firewall & Other Security Software
  16. Sometimes firewall and other security programs on your PC blocks the softwares like AOL Desktop Gold to access internet and to run smoothly.

  17. Good Internet connectivity
  18. A good Internet connectivity is must to run AOL Desktop Gold. If your router continues to lose connection, you will never be able to commence the Desktop Gold on your device.

  19. Enabled Add-on/Extensions
  20. Some extensions demand to control your device prior to get installed on your PC. If you have provided access to some such extension, now you are very much aware how to solve AOL Desktop Gold error 205.

How to get rid of AOL Gold error 205?

  1. If the problem lies with the window registry, you will need a CD of the Operating system installed on your system. Using the CD you can repair the registry entries that are corrupted. Attempt this step on your own if you have a good know-how of technical computer stuff.
  2. If system registry isn’t the cause of the problem, you can move on to next basic steps

  3. Scan your PC for any viruses or malwares present on your systems.
  4. Then, disable the proxy server and VPN settings from network adapter.
  5. Temporarily disable firewall and security programs on your PC, enable them again once the problem is solved.
  6. Ensure your PC matches all the system requirements of the AOL Desktop Gold.
  7. Undo/disable all recently enabled extensions or add-ons on your PC.
  8. If none of the steps worked for you, download and re-install the AOL Desktop Gold again and also see to it that the software must be downloaded from the official website.
  9. Once done, run your PC in compatibility mode and install the software.

Still can’t resolve Error 205, get in touch with technical support guys and they will attend to your issue.

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