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AOL Desktop Gold not responding Fixed

Passwords are the key to protect all your information associated to your account. Email access and other settings of AOL Desktop Gold can all be regulated only if you have a correct username and password for your account. What are the issues one can face concerned to passwords?? All probable issues that can come up related to password are as follows:

  1. - Check Internet Connectivity on your PC: Ensure your system holds a good and stable internet connection. If your internet connection is not working well, troubleshoot for modem or other accessories/software’s associated that can affect internet connectivity on your PC. Try troubleshooting your connectivity issues navigating to ‘Network and Sharing center’ under Control Panel. Look for the ‘Troubleshoot problems’ tab under ‘change your network settings’
  2. - Scan for viruses: Sometimes the presence of Malwares on your system infects your system and the software’s installed to such a point that AOL Desktop Gold stops responding to mouse clicks. In this case run a full scan for your PC. If you find viruses and malwares there is a possibility that your AOL Desktop Gold is now corrupted. Delete this and reinstall the software again.
  3. - Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold: If this software of yours stops responding to your clicks, this might be a sign that your AOL Gold is outdated. However the software has a feature of installing automatic updates but if it is not working it is recommended to update the software manually.
  4. - Check to see if your Computer matches the system requirements of AOL Desktop Gold: Check the properties of computer by right clicking on my ‘computer’ and then verify them with the system requirements of AOL Desktop Gold.

Well the steps mentioned till now were just very basic ones. If your issue doesn’t get resolved via these steps you ought to try some advanced troubleshooting steps. Some of these are brought up here:

  1. - Go over Desktop Gold source files: How would you do this? Navigate your cursor to the AOL Desktop icon and right click. Select properties from the drop down list. Later in the dialogue box on your screen, check for the targeted file and copy the URL. Then, paste this link on your web browser and verify the availability of the software files. In case, there are no files available, delete the icon from the desktop. Further, open C: // drive and look for AOL Desktop Gold folder. Search for the Desktop Gold icon and check for the working of this symbol. If it is running, right-click on the AOL Gold icon and creates a new one for the desktop.
  2. - Restore Window settings: Restore the settings back to the time when everything was okay. Undo all the changes you have done recently by the help of system restore.

For Windows xp users: Follow the navigation as follows:

Start-> help and support-> pick a task-> undo changes to their computer with system restore’

For Windows7/vista users:

  • Search for ‘system restore’ in the search engine found on the start button
  • Click on the result found and system restore will open in fraction of seconds
  • Confirm system restore by choosing ‘Restore your computer to the state it was in
    before the selected event’ Next finish
  1. - Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus: Sometimes security programs of your system refuse to allow internet access to certain software’s and results in popping up of messages like ‘Error 118 connection times out’. Hence to avoid this situation, temporarily disable firewall and anti-virus from your system and once the problem is resolved you can enable these security programs again.
  2. - Uninstall and re-install the software: If none of these worked for you; lastly you can try re-installing AOL Desktop software. Uninstall the software first from the control panel and then install it again.

Well this was much to be explained regarding an issue; you might not be able to perform these steps if you aren’t a technical person. In that fact address your query to someone from technical support team to help you out.

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