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AOL Desktop Gold Update for Windows

Before you begin updating AOL Desktop gold there are some least system standards that your desktop should abide by. These minimum system requirements for AOL Desktop Gold download for windows OS are as follows:

- Close all the running Programs

If you are already a member of AOL, log-in to keep up. Just in case you are not registered with AOL, create an account first.

- Find AOL Desktop Gold Icon

Double-click on AOL Gold icon to open the application using your username and password. The AOL icon can be found on desktop, in system tray, or under Windows Start menu.

- Look for Settings in AOL software

AOL Desktop Gold bears a menu bar as well as a Quick Access toolbar. One can look for ‘Settings’ in both of these. Enter the settings and there you can discover the available AOL updates.

- Update AOL Gold Software

After starting the update process; wait for this to finish. Also make sure that your computer possesses a high-speed internet connectivity.After starting the update process; wait for this to finish. Also make sure that your computer possesses a high-speed internet connectivity.

Secondary way to Update AOL software on Windows

If you cannot locate the AOL Desktop Gold update button or file in the software itself- NO Worries! We have another solution to help you find the Desktop Gold update. The process is as follows:

- Download AOL Gold update

Visit AOL Gold Desktop update webpage and search for the software file. It is recommended to scan the file first to ensure that it is not corrupted. Corrupted software files lead to installation errors which are annoying. So once scanned tap AOL Update and get the software on your Computer.

- Select the File Location

Save the AOL software update file on your preferred location of device say from where it can easily be addressed.

- Update AOL Desktop Gold

Now search for the ‘Get started’ button and click on the link initiate the AOL gold update process.

Ensure that your system is connected to internet through the time when the updating process goes on. If the connection lost in between, the update won’t complete and thus will give error code due to incomplete installation.

Once the update process come to end, restart your system and login with your credentials on AOL Gold enhanced with new features. Still finding any issues with AOL Desktop Gold update; contact technical support.

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