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AOL Desktop not responding issue

Today is the deadline to submit the report you worked on for whole month. You do all the revisions before the submission and as soon as you open your AOL Desktop Gold to mail the report to your boss; your Desktop Gold icon is not opening. Damn it!!! What an annoying situation this is. This is of no doubt that AOL by means of AOL Desktop Gold is providing the best web interface as well as emailing experience to its users, even though sometimes it misleads and create the situation as above. This blog is dedicated to this AOL Desktop Gold won’t open issue. You can state it anyway like AOL Desktop not responding or AOL Desktop not opening or AOL Desktop Gold stopped working. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that whatever error you face; you have 24*7 live support facilities from AOL. You can always contact the technical support for quick resolution to your AOL related problems.

Why AOL Desktop Gold does not open???

Following are some most discovered reasons for this issue:

  1. Incorrect Installation: If there happened to be some issue with the installation process; this could be the reason for AOL Desktop not responding to your clicks. What issues can be with the installation process??
    • - Installation interrupted: if the installation is interrupted in between due to any issue like unstable or slow internet, device is low on power/battery,
    • - Corrupt Downloaded files: If the software files which are downloaded and installed on the device are corrupted. This happens if you are downloading the software from unreliable or unauthorized source.
  2. System Incompatibility: If you downloaded the software without matching the system requirements that it asks for; this problem can occur. Sometimes the problem doesn’t occur instantly but after a period of time. So before installing the software match the below mentioned system requirements for the AOL Desktop Gold:
    • Operating system: windows7, Windows8, Windows 8.1, windows 10, Mac
    • Processor: 266 MHz of minimum (or higher)
    • Screen Resolution: 1024*768 of minimum (or higher)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM 512 MB free space at Hard Disk
    • Internet: High Speed Internet required

    Also, it is possible that AOL Desktop Gold is compatible with your system and its parameters but not with some software installed on your System. Keep a check on the same.

  3. Infected Device: If your Computer is attacked by some virus or Malware; these computer threats are also threats to the softwares installed on it. So the virus disrupting your application could be another reason for AOL Gold not opening.
  4. Faulty connection to source files: If the software is not linked to its source file in the drive, this may lead to this error. During the installation of the program; some files are created which directs you to login page. In general, upon clicking the icon; these files are being searched to open the program. So, if the Desktop Gold loses its connection with these source files, AOL desktop gold icon will not respond.
  5. Lacking Network Conditions: If there is some problem with your modem or connectivity, you might come across this issue. This is the actual and plain reason why AOL Gold icon becomes insensitive to mouse clicks. Now, to substantiate these reasons, you need to troubleshoot your device network. If there's a bad Internet connectivity or any other such like error related to the network, your System will automatically flash the message.
  6. Behind the times Software The out of date software can also be the cause for AOL Gold icon not responding issue. So, if the AOL Desktop Gold installed on your system is of older version; upgrade it to its latest available version. Also keep a check on your Windows update; upgrade your windows too if update is available.
  7. Bad Windows Update Have you upgraded your windows using a USB?? Who knows the USB bears viruses … So it is always recommended to scan the USB before using for the installation purpose. The corrupted files on your Operating System can cause AOL Desktop Gold to stop abruptly.

Troubleshooting to fix AOL Desktop Gold not responding issue

Below are some basic troubleshooting steps to fix this issue:

  1. Restart your system to clear the RAM. When the RAM gets cleared, try opening the AOL Desktop Gold again. AOL Desktop Gold now will get a room in RAM and run successfully.
  2. Ensure the network connectivity on your System is all right.
  3. Run the antivirus scan for the entire computer. Delete the files which are a threat.
  4. Ensure the system parameters match the system requirements of the AOL Desktop Gold
  5. Check if the automatic update is on; if not either turn on the automatic updates or manually update your AOL Gold to its latest version
  6. Disable the firewall temporarily. This is just to check if this is firewall which is preventing AOL Desktop Gold to open. You can enable it again once the issue is resolved
  7. If you find any other software on your system which is incompatible with AOL desktop Gold. Uninstall or disable it.
  8. Cancel or pause the downloads; these may be the reason of internet responding slow.
  9. Clear the cache memory, temp files from the browser. The accumulation of this useless data on your system’s browser is the reason of hampered performance of system.
  10. If nothing really is working; delete the software and reinstall it.

Hopefully the blog helped you in resolving the issue ‘AOL Desktop Gold not responding’. In case the above steps aren’t working for you, get in touch with AOL technical support to avail the expert advice for better handling of the issue.

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