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Aol Mail And Settings

AOL offers many advanced features, including the Mail panel, which can be found on the right side of the main screen. The panels are quick links to other online services provided by AOL or its partners. Here is information about the most useful panels:

The AIM panel opens an embedded AOL instant messenger window on the right side of the screen. When you open the e-mail program you can configure AOL Mail to log yourself into AIM. The AIM panel includes all the AIM features, such as your big list and the ability to send IMs, start chat sessions or text messages.

The To-Do panel opens your To-Do list, to which you can add new tasks and due dates. There is also a to-do link on all e-mails received. If the subject of the e-mail is something that you need to follow up on, just click on the To-Do link and an entry will be added to your To-Do list.

The events' panel is tied to the calendar place application. Upcoming calendar events appear in the Events panel. Like the to do function, every e-mail received has a calendar link. Click on the link to create a calendar entry, which will appear in both the calendar application and the event panel.

A blog link is located next to the calendar and to do a link. This click button creates an entry in your AOL Journal, a free blog always open service included with all AOL mail accounts. After pressing the blog link, fill in the subject and body of the blog posting, as well as any relevant tags, then press save. You can share your blog with the public or limit it to your friends.

AOL Easy Transfer.

Use this free service to import all your contacts and old email from another email application. Enter your old email address and password, and your email and contacts will be transferred to your new AOL account within 24 hours. It can alert your contacts about your contact change and send email to your AOL account for 30 days


Next, best new features are located on the Settings menu. The Settings link is at the top right of the AOL mail screen. In Settings, under General, there is a checkbox for "Use the Reading Pen to View Mail". You can always read mail in your system inbox without opening each message. Instead, the screen is split in half with your inbox and a preview area below called a reading pen.

The filter option lets you add rules to automatically organize and store received mail. For example, your boss's email will go to your work folder. Or your former lover's email will go to the trash folder. You can also create new filters while reading the e-mail received. Open the e-mail, click on the action button and scroll to "Create a Filter".

Also, there is a mobile go those mail section settings. Here all data you can enter your cell phone number to receive a text message with a link to download a free copy of AOL Mobile Mail. You can send and receive an email directly from your cell phone using your AOL mail or AIM mail address.

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