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AOL Striving for Better: AOL Desktop Gold

It is simple that people around the world will always have cognitive bent towards new, high-tech, advanced and innovative products and services. Whether it is hardware, software or technical services, all must be efficient enough to compete with the latest products in market. Following the same side of market and society, AOL came up with its advanced version web interface called ‘AOL Desktop Gold’. So if you are planning to download AOL Desktop Gold to stay updated keep the following points in mind.

  • - 24*7 Technical support is available if you find any installation issue with AOL Desktop Gold.
  • - Download the software from the official website of AOL, unauthorized websites can provide you with corrupt software which may lead to installation errors.
  • - Your Device should fulfill the system requirements of AOL Desktop Gold. System requirements for this are mentioned below:

Operating System: Compatible with Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1, Windows10 and Mac.

Processor: The processor of your device must be of at least 266MHz or faster.

Screen Resolution: Minimum of 1024*768 screen resolution is required for media playing with AOL.

Memory: 1GB RAM and 512 free Hard Disk Space is must for the smooth running of AOL.

Internet: Stable and good speed internet required.

These were the few attributes that should be kept in mind before installing the software. If these aren’t taken full care, there can have a real negative hit on your PC and with the software. In case you face any technical hiccups, keep calm and talk to our qualified, competent and experienced technical executives. They will resolve your issue in no time.

Why users love the new AOL Desktop Gold so much?

  1. User Friendly: Easy to use, this interface is so user-friendly that you can enjoy the wonderful features of this software seamlessly.
  2. Enhanced security: Your system security is multiplied two folds with AOL Desktop Gold. The two-step verification process offers twice the security for your account. With this enhanced security you can challenge malwares to get into your PC.
  3. Automatic updates: An interesting feature of AOL Desktop Gold which helps you save your time, energy and space of the computer memory is ‘automatic updating’. It updates automatically whenever the newer version of the same is available. As the older version is replaced, it saves your memory. And with this feature you don’t have to get to check for the updates every time.
  4. Advanced Technology: AOL Desktop Gold is the advanced version of AOL Desktop which has better efficiency, less errors and high speed. Along with all these it offers various other advanced features for smooth workflow.
  5. mport Data from import wizard: You can import your entire data saved on your previous version of AOL Gold whenever you switch to its higher version. This is mostly automatic but if due to certain reason it doesn’t come up automatically, you can run import wizard and get all your passwords, bookmarks, emails, contacts, toolbar back to you.
  6. Enhanced encryption: Encryption settings used by this advanced version of AOL are highly advanced. The emails sent are encrypted in such a way that only sender and recipient can read it. So it allows you to communicate confidential data securely with no more risk of hacking.
  7. Looks similar so maintains familiarity but better: If you have been using AOL Desktop earlier; you will feel the interface is quite familiar. You won’t have to spend much time getting in line with its advanced version as it looks same as AOL desktop. Technologically it is better as very few errors have been reported as compared to its earlier version.

With this it is all clear that AOL Desktop Gold is offering great deal of features to its users and smartness is in downloading and installing this software on your PC soon. But sometimes this software faces some errors which affect the user’s experience with AOL Desktop Gold. Have a quick run down to the troubles users commonly face.

  • - System responding sluggish
  • - Can’t send or receive emails
  • - AOL icon disappears
  • - AOL not able to sync data
  • - Automatic update feature not working
  • - System screen freezes
  • - Software not responding
  • - Users can not download content- Users can not download content
  • - Installation error
  • - Trouble signing in
  • - Unable to import data from previous version
  • - Cannot compose email

All the software related issues are resolvable so don’t worry; the best, most common and most effective resolution to any issue you face is uninstall the software and re-install it again. This works in most of the cases unless you have some compatibility issues or you have downloaded corrupted software. Still if you want specific resolution to your issue; you can always bank upon the AOL technocrats; give them a call and they will be resolving your query efficiently, effectively and professionally at the earliest.

Sound off if you feel something wrong about chat user

If you find content in an AOL Chat which seems to violate the AOL Terms of Service, let the AOL know at once. If the content depicts vulgar language, graphic description of sexual content or violence, hate speech or harassment, report to the AOL following the steps below:

  1. During the chat, select a username from the 'People Here' list.
  2. Highlight the part of the conversation which is breaching.
  3. Hit ‘Notify AOL’.

The ‘Notify AOL’ button will appear again once the timer gets to 0. You will be able to submit other reports now.

So let’s enjoy the safe and secure chatting across the globe with AOL Desktop Gold.

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