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Commonly encountered AOL Desktop Gold issues

This guide will present you the solutions to the most common issues that AOL Gold users come across. Run through the issues and solutions below so that if you encounter any of these you can fix your issue by yourself.

  1. AOL Desktop Gold Downloading issue: During your software download, if your system:
    • - Screen exhibits error ‘AOL Error 104’
    • - Freezes for a while
    • - Windows respond too slow

    Then you can follow the below steps to resolve this downloading issue:

    • - If there are malwares or viruses present on your system, they hinder in downloading or installation of all the software’s on your system. So scan your system with a security program and delete the ones found after scan.
    • - Sometimes loaded system with junk files and folders can also be the cause of downloading issue of AOL Desktop Gold. So clean all junk files from your PC to improve the overall efficiency of the system.
    • - Make sure that your computer matches the system requirements of AOL Desktop Gold software.
    • - Out dated drivers on your system can be another reason for this trouble. So check on your drivers if they are out dated; update them to their latest versions available. Most of the drivers update automatically but still keep a check and ensure their recentness.
    • - If you have done any system changes lately, make use of ‘system restore’ tool to undo those changes.
  1. AOL Desktop Gold Log-in issue: While you log-in to your AOL Desktop Gold, do you experience the following:
    • - Terms like Blerk, Zoids, Gah
    • - Missing sign-in screen
    • - Blank screen even after entering the log-in credentials

    All these issues points towards the AOL Desktop Gold log-in issue: Fix it following the steps beneath:

    • - To start with , clear all junk files, caches, cookies, history accumulated on your computer
    • - Enable Java applets on your system to deal with the errors like Gah
    • - Change the firewall settings to get rid of Blerk errors. Firewalls sometimes don’t allow the software’s like AOL Desktop Gold to run so change the setting to allow the program to use internet connectivity to run smoothly
    • - If the sign-in screen goes missing, reset the settings of the web browser you use with AOL Desktop Gold
    • - Also to stay away from AOL Blank screen error, allow familiar URLs , and enable java script
  1. AOL Desktop Gold not opening: After hitting the icon like number of times, if your AOL Desktop Gold isn’t opening and your computer is showing the below signs
    • - An egg like mark is revolving
    • - AOL Gold doesn’t open
    • - No activity even after you hit the icon hundred times. you might need to look for the solution seriously. To do so follow what is listed under:
    • - If any changes are made to your system lately, run system restoration to undo all that
    • - Disable ‘add-ons’
    • - Make sure that Java, ActiveX, Active scripting aren’t blocked by the browser used for AOL Desktop Gold.
    • - Check for internet connectivity on your PC
    • - Firewalls and Anti-virus programs sometimes hamper the opening of the software, so disable them temporarily to fix the issue. You can enable it again once the icon starts responding to your clicks
    • - Scan for Malwares/Viruses
  1. Email associated AOL issues: Some of the mail related issues that AOL users face are as follows.
    • - Unable to send mails
    • - Unable to receive mails
    • - Unable to compose or read mails

    Play along with the steps below and you will be directed to the well working email service by AOL Desktop Gold.

    • - Unable to receive mails? Check for the Spam folder first. Majority of users forget to check the spam folder to look for the missed emails. Once you find your mail in spam folder move it to main folder and mark it non-spam to avoid the trouble in future. And if mail isn’t found in spam folder as well, you might need to change IMAP and SMTP settings.
    • - Unable to send mails? Give a check to ‘Outgoing Mail server’ settings. Also, in “Import/Export” section in AOL account, enable “Export all contacts/information”.
    • - If mails aren’t getting saved then too your need to alter IMAP settings. For IMAP and SMTP settings it is good to connect to the support team for precise information.
    • - Clean your system by deleting cookies, cache, and history of the system. This can help to do away with AOL mail composing or reading trouble.

Well the steps mentioned till now were just very basic ones. If your issue doesn’t get resolved via these steps you ought to try some advanced troubleshooting steps. Some of these are brought up here:

If AOL Desktop Gold all the same keeps crashing, check for other reasons in the list.

  1. AOL Password retrieval issues: Have you forgotten your password? Are you facing trouble resetting your password?
    • - Can’t reset AOL Password
    • - No recovery options
    • - Facing Login-in error after changing password

Fix all these with the measures below:

  • - If you are an AOL account user who don’t have account recovery information or have forgotten it, enter your current email address in the recovery email address field.
  • - To confirm as an owner, you will be asked to type the last four digits of the credit card attached to AOL account. Also later you will have to enter the phone or mail address, where you wish to retrieve the AOL password.
  • - If you come across login error after changing the AOL password, update the new password in system settings.
  • - If after trying various times to login AOL Desktop gold, if the user runs out, the account will automatically get blocked. Thus, user suffer with the ‘AOL password won’t work or Can’t reset’ message on the screen. In that case connect to support executive to help you out with this issue.

These were some usual problems and their resolutions that users encounter over the usage of AOL Desktop Gold. If something else other than this bothers you give a call to technical support and enjoy their 24*7 live support with quick fixes to your troubles.

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