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Commonly encountered issues with AOL Desktop GOLD

AOL Desktop Gold is over-the-top software that brings out so many services to you all at same place. Safe and secure web browsing services accompanied by premium security features and fast processing speed makes it a wonderful product of the software world. But at times it acts difficult, shows errors and falls short on its mark. All this doesn’t make it a bad product but technical. So here in this blog you will get to learn some effective steps to resolve the commonly encountered issues with AOL Desktop Gold in favor to keep you in sync with the pace of your life. As no one has time to let its web-interface allow running slow and sluggish.

  1. AOL Desktop Gold Log-in error: AOL Screen lost/Blank screen/ screen not responding/Blerk/Gah/ZOIDS all these are the gestures your PC will show when you come across AOL Desktop Log-in error. Even if you are not a technical person; you will be able to follow these basic steps with some basic knowledge of Computer.
    • - Clear browser’s cookies, cache, temp files and folders, history
    • - Scan PC for malwares
    • - Enable Java scripts and Java applets on your browser.
    • - Allow in firewall settings
    • - Add to trusted sites in your web/ browser.
  2. AOL Desktop won’t open: AOL Desktop not opening can be due to any reason like Faulty installation, corrupt software files, presence of malware etc. Follow the steps below to help yourself solving this issue
    • - Run a complete scan of your Computer to detect the presence of virus or Malware
    • - Ensure your system has internet connectivity
    • - Check the system requirements of AOL Desktop and verify them to your Computer’s parameters
    • - Ensure you own the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold
    • - Remove junk files from system’s browser
    • - Uninstall the software and reinstall it again in case nothing else is working for you.
  3. AOL Desktop Responding slow: Slow web interface deteriorates the efficiency of the system and also the user’s. So to resolve this go through the steps below:
    • - Restart your system
    • - Disable start up programs not required
    • - Clean foot-prints
  4. AOL automatic update feature not working: AOL Desktop Gold comes with an automatic update feature; what if this feature isn’t working. Before you follow the steps mentioned, make sure that your system parameters are compatible with AOL Gold Go forward with the steps below:
    • - Look for windows update option
    • - Go to change settings - important update; this will enable automatic updates
    • - Tick the box ‘Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important update’ in the recommended updates.

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