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Helping Aid for AOL Password issues

Passwords are the key to protect all your information associated to your account. Email access and other settings of AOL Desktop Gold can all be regulated only if you have a correct username and password for your account. What are the issues one can face concerned to passwords?? All probable issues that can come up related to password are as follows:

  • Hacked AOL Password
  • • Forgotten AOL Password
  • • How to reset AOL Password without Security Questions
  • • Confrontation of Login error after changing AOL Password
  • • AOL app Not Responding since resetting of AOL Password
  • • AOL Password Reset option Not Working
  • • Unable to Reset Password
  • • AOL Password Prompt every time you open Mail window

Follow through the solutions and steps mentioned below and get all your issues resolved one after another.

How to change AOL Password after logging in to your account?

If you can sense that someone else can also access your account or feel like your account is hacked; do change its password on the spur of the moment. Also, it is recommended to change your password periodically to keep your account safe. How to do this?

  • - Navigate your cursor to ‘Account security page’ after you log-in to your account.
  • - Click on the link ‘change password’ and type your old and new password in the fields provided.
  • - Save the changes.

This was simple, but

What to do when you have forgotten your password and you can’t log-in to your account?

You have a different path to reset the password in this case: Check this out as follows:

  • - Enter your username on the sign-in page and click next
  • - Upon asking password, this page will also prove you a link ‘ I forgot my password’ ; click on the same to begin with the recovery process. This will lead you to the account verification options. This will ask for ‘recovery email, recovery phone number, or you have to answer some security questions to recover your password.
  • - Choose one of these as per the comfort and accessibility.
  • - If the recovery email is accessible you can click on the same. This will send you a code to confirm the email address. Once you type the code in the required field, you will be directed to the page to reset your password.
  • - The process will remain similar even if you choose ‘phone number’ in the verification options.
  • - Upon choosing Verification option 3 you have to answer some security question associated to your account just like your date of birth etc. Enter all this information accurately. Once you are through with this, you will be directed to the page to reset your password.

Can’t log-in to your account after you have reset your password?

If you have just performed a password reset on your AOL account and now you can’t log-in back to it with your new password; try the steps below:

  • - Restart you Computer and now try to sign-in again to you AOL
  • - Delete the cache to make sure the account is still not using your old password for Mail access.
  • - Remove the account and add it again.
  • - If nothing is working, give a call to the support team.

AOL prompts for Password every time you open Mail window

Why to keep entering the password every time you open your mail? Is is so bothering especially when you have your own Personal Computer. Directly access your mail by changing the mail account settings as follows:

  • - Sign-in to your mail account
  • - Navigate as follows
    Tools- Settings- Mail Settings
  • - Click on the account name and open account Information tab
  • - Check Saved password and username information
  • - Also check on the same data under server settings
  • - Check the box ‘Automatically detect and maintain account settings’
  • - Hit ‘Done’

These were some password associated issues and their resolutions. Connect to the technical support team in case of other issues with your password.

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