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Traits of AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

This feels so annoying when you are trying to download a software and not able to download it due to some error bumped. When we talk about AOL Desktop Gold, during the download of this too users face trouble with the Error 104. So let’s know more about the AOL Desktop Gold Error code 104, its features, symptoms, and troubleshooting guide. Once you will get to know about this Error it will be easier for you to prevent your PC from this error.

Symptoms of Desktop Gold Error 104

This error message can crop up at the time of download or even at the time of installation of this software. Talking of the error that comes at the time of Download, the set up file of the software crashes which in turn will lead to a broken file extension with you. Symptoms of this trouble would be like:

  • - ‘AoL Error Code 104’ flashes on your screen
  • - PC freezes for a while every now and then
  • - Windows respond unamusingly slow and sluggish.

Why this error chanced upon?

Sometimes this error can be proved fatal to your system so try to dissolve this as soon as possible. Before you do so, know the reasons why this error encountered

  • - Incomplete or corrupt download of the software: If you downloaded the software from the unauthorized website, there is a possibility that the files downloaded are corrupted. Or If certain files are missing or deleted from the system unknowingly, then also this error will show up
  • - Is your system virus protected? Presence of Malwares, viruses or other threats can also be the reason for this error to come up
  • Resolve the issue with the troubleshoot methods so provided. Make a note to try these methods in the same order they are mentioned so as to save time and effort.

  • - Scan your Computer: These Malwares and viruses are software-eaters. These do much more than what you think they can. They modify, steal or corrupt software files making it useless for your PC. So scan your entire PC to look for viruses that are hindering the installation process.
  • - Ensure system compatibility: AOL Desktop has some system requirements that’re supposed to be fulfilled for the efficient running of your computer system. Compare your Computer’s parameters with the software requirements. Your system must have the following constants to be compatible with AOL Desktop Gold.
    • Operating System-Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, Mac OS
    • • A processor speed should be 266 MHz or more
    • • Free Disk Space of at least 512 MB
    • • RAM of at least 1GB
    • • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768
    • • Fast and Uninterrupted Internet Connection
  • - Clean your System: Your daily usage of browsing and searching and every activity makes your computer accumulate number of junk files and folders resulting in affecting the computer’s efficiency and obstructing the download process.
    • • Delete cache, cookies and history: This can easily be done from the internet options on your web browser. Delete browsing history, cache, cookies, temporary internet files from here only
    • • Run Disk cleanup: Run Disk clean up by directly using ‘Cleanmgr’ on the run window. This will remove all junk files from your system.
  • - Check on System Drivers: AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 can also be the outcome of out-dated drivers on your PC. The system drivers should be apt and updated to their latest versions.
  • - Undo recent changes on your computer: Undo the changes you recently did to your system before this error came across. This can be done by the System Restore tool; you can directly search for System Restore in the search bar at the bottom.
  • - Update windows: Improvement in system files resolves nearly all kind of run-time errors or download issues. Hence it is important to keep updating your PC with the latest windows versions available.
  • - Check for the validity of Windows System Files: If any of the Window system file is corrupted, it may lead to occurrence of Error Code 104. To check we can make use of Windows system file checker. You can simply type ‘sfc’ on the command screen and this will start the process of checking Window system files. This might take long but once done, command prompt will display the issue associated with AOL Gold.

These were some real quick fixes for your AOL Desktop Gold Error code 104. Perform all these steps carefully and you indeed will get a way out of this trouble. However if nothing is working for you or you are facing difficulty in performing these troubleshoot methods, take a chill pill and give a call to technical support. They welcome their users over and above their errors whole heartidly.

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